AMBALA bred their first litter on lOth August, 1968  and since that time have bred many  Champions, Excellents, Excellent Merits, Aust. Obedience Champions, and nine National Medal Winners as well as National Breeder Group winners.


AMBALA  have the Plaque awarded by The German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia for having bred lOO animals who have successfully passed the Hip Dysplasia Scheme



AMBALA also have the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medallions for breeding sound hips and elbows - all of our animals are registered on the Main Register.



AMBALA has been in existence since l968 and prior to his passing Max was a German Shepherd Specialist Judge and Breed Surveyor, President of the GSDL for many years and President of the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia.  



 Fay is also a German Shepherd Dog Specialist Judge and Breed Surveyor and secretary of the GSDL of NSW for the past 21 years having not stood for re-election 2022 as time to retire.


Also now partners in Ambala are Peter & Rondelle Berechree.



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Should require further information please contact Fay on mobile 0401019213 or by email [email protected]






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Fay Stokes
Mulgoa, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0401019213
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